Chronic disease | Stress & Anxiety | Emotional pain

Hello, I am Justyna, a certified Ayurveda health coach, educator & therapist,  EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting practitioner—and member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) association for holistic medicine practitioners. 

I am dedicated to helping you improve your physical and mental health through Ayurvedic nutrition & herbs, lifestyle changes, and the release of blocked emotions, unconscious thoughts, and beliefs contributing to chronic stress and anxiety.

 Chronic stress and anxiety can lead to physical imbalances such as fatigue, digestive issues, headaches, and insomnia. Mentally and emotionally, it can manifest as constant worrying, overthinking, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, mood swings, and panic attacks.

If you have been struggling with any of these symptoms, I hear you and I feel you. You don't need to go through this alone. I am here to guide and support you.


My Holistic Healing Approach

By combining the ancient healing arts of Ayurveda, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping), Inner child healing, breathwork and somatic practices I guide you to uncover the root causes of your imbalances and begin the journey of healing.

I guide you to:

Are you ready to transform?



 Emotional healing sessions


EFT tapping sessions aim to release blocked emotions and unprocessed trauma that manifest as a physical or mental disease, and help heal relationships with self & others.

You deserve Emotional Freedom! 

Ayurveda holistic health mentoring programs & Ayurvedic detox


Discover your body & mind constitution, understand your imbalances and receive personalized diet, lifestyle and herbal recommendations to help restore & maintain health.


1 to 1 holistic healing program online

4-months & 12 sessions program 

Powerful blend of Ayurveda and EFT healing to help you bring the balance you need in order to live a life filled with joy, energy and inner peace.

               More details soon

Ayurvedic therapies 

in The Sanctuary, Dublin 7


9 day Ayurveda cleanse testimonial:

"I began this journey feeling sluggish and low, on medication for migraine and anxiety, using coffee to motivate me and my sleep was all over the place and I was taking tablets for everything that was wrong. In just 5 weeks after the cleanse, my sleep has improved, I have more energy and I gave up coffee, albeit having one cup recently but I didn’t really care for the taste and that was such a rewarding moment. Not taking ANY medication in 5 weeks is such a big win for me.

I loved getting daily mantras and music during the cleanse from Justyna – beautiful self-care reminders and the check in’s from Justyna meant so much as she really brings you through it and is 100% there for any questions you have. I also loved getting new recipes and all the food is so full of flavour and easy to make.

I learned how nourishing the RIGHT foods can be and I want to continue to bring that more into my life that and gather more supportive recipes so that I can continue to give my body the nourishment it needs and deserves. Feeling lighter is such a rewarding feeling.

I would HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone seeking a truly transformational experience. It does take effort and exploration, but it couldn’t be any more rewarding and transformation within yourself is what you’re going to gain and feel. Do it for YOU".

Lisa, Dublin, Ireland

„I had three sessions of Karna Purana/Ear treatment with Justyna to balance my activated nervous system. The treatment with warm Ayurveda oil felt incredibly relaxing for my nervous system and whole body. I felt a positive effect after the first session and feel at the end of the third session my body feels more regulated and supported. 

Justyna created a calming and safe atmosphere during the treatments. She is a very thoughtful and kind practitioner. I really appreciated her guidance, wealth of knowledge, and professionalism. 

Would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to balance their nervous system! Am very happy I decided to try it and so grateful to Justyna for providing it.“

Franziska D. 

Dublin, Ireland

"Justyna is a wonderful, warm, and generous person. I couldn't have found better. I received great support during our Ayurveda consultations, I received a lot of new knowledge passed on in such a way that it was easy, pleasant, and easy to digest. Thanks to this, it was easier for me to use it and implement it in everyday life.

 I am also very grateful for the opportunity to work with her at EFT sessions. I love this method and I think Justyna is a wonderful and competent therapist. She always brings our meeting to an end, if necessary, she even extends the time. No matter what happens during our session, Justyna is always able to deal with the problem that came up giving me a sense of security and support.

I highly recommend Justyna to anyone who is looking for a holistic support and a better understanding of themselves, as well as better understanding and working through the problems they are struggling with."

Anna S. from Poland

" I had a beautiful EFT/Matrix session with Justyna. I felt very safe and held in the space with her to be able to go deeper into my emotions and find a resolution to how I was feeling through powerful visualizations and EFT. She is a gift and is very talented at what she facilitates."

Grainne B. from UK

"I highly recommend sessions with Justyna. Her professionalism, intuition and calm guidance led to the solution of my problem step by step. I felt taken care of and safe, for which I am very grateful."

Marlena M. from Poland

"Having EFT sessions with Justyna helped me to find some peace of mind and made me really think about how I feel.

I have learned how to deal with intense feelings of anger and fear. I’ve noticed that I take a step back before immediately reacting or responding to a situation that I would normally have gotten instinctively mad at.

During the sessions, I felt like I was listened to and understood. And absolutely I would recommend Justyna to others. She has gone through many things in her own life so she is very familiar with some of the feelings others may feel"

Shawn A. from USA

You can read more reviews on my Google account More reviews 

" During our EFT sessions I felt amazing and well taken care of! I felt safe and all my problems and thoughts were systematically worked through. I loved how I went out into the world after every session with the feeling "I did something great for myself" even though I was guided through my problems, I still felt like I gave myself some power back. 

I'm a lot more comfortable in my skin, it's easier for me to think positively about myself. I couldn't touch my own skin in a loving manner before, I would just get angry all the time when I had to be loving to myself. I'd resort to scratching myself a lot whenever I got stressed, anxious or in any way overwhelmingly emotional. It's much easier for me now to stop myself doing that; I'm generally a lot more in control of myself. I also put myself first a lot more! 

I'd recommend Justyna to everyone I know, because our sessions were the only thing that have helped me move forward in my life; after trying a lot of therapy. I'd wish that kind of relief upon all of my friends and loved ones".

Julia L. from Germany