1 to 1 AYURVEDIC CLEANSE - 9 day detox program 

Refresh and Renew Your body & mind.

Detox naturally and rekindle your digestive strength with time-tested wisdom.

Ayurveda recommends the practice of detoxing on a regular basis to help the body eliminate accumulated toxins and return to its natural state of health and well-being.

Our bodies have the natural ability to detoxify and remove what is harmful or not needed anymore. Unfortunately, today, we are surrounded by more environmental toxins, and we often consume food that contains harmful substances, not to mention excessive intake of processed sugar or refined oils. In addition, our nervous system is overwhelmed by never-ending stimulations. 

All of this harm our digestive system and the natural ability to detox naturally is diminished causing the accumulation of toxins (Ama). In Ayurveda, excess of Ama is seen as one of the main reasons for many illnesses and diseases.

Undertaking a 9-day cleanse will give you a chance to turn inwards, prioritize yourself,  focus on your self-care and increase self-awareness about daily habits. In return, you will experience more energy, better sleep, improved digestion, and mental clarity.

This cleansing program also brings the best opportunity to really experience Ayurveda in practice by incorporating 6 tastes diet, herbs, spices, lifestyle practices and more.

Consider Ayurvedic cleanse if you experience any of these symptoms:

-        Digestive issues like bloating, constipation, loose bowel movement, indigestion, IBS

-        Fatigue

-        Food cravings

-        Headaches

-        Allergies

-        Sinusitis

-        Frequent colds and flus

-        Insomnia

-        Hormonal issues

-        Weight gain or feeling heavy or sluggish


The structure of the detox:

Please allow the extra time to prepare yourself for the cleanse, and slowly start incorporating changes in your diet and lifestyle. 

Full guidelines and advice for the pre-cleanse time are included in the Cleanse eBook.

Each phase is equally important for the success of the cleanse and all your efforts.

Cleanse warm up – 3 days

·    No meat, fish, eggs, diary, sugar, any processed or refined foods. No coffee or black tea. 

·  Gentle diet, more green vegetables, beets, and other seasonal vegetables supporting the liver.

 · Garshana - dry lymphatic massage.

Main cleanse – 3 days

·    Ayurvedic Dinacharya – tongue scrape, oil pulling, Nasya or Jal neti, self-massage with warm oil, gentle yoga, breathwork and meditation.

·      Internal oleation with ghee or vegan alternative (optional)

·   3 simple homemade meals like stewed fruits, Kitchari, soups, and more. Recipes provided.

·   Ayurvedic herbs supporting detox and nervous system -  advised at the consultation.

·   Gentle purgation with castor oil (optional).

·   Time to rest and reflect.

It is highly recommended to be off work for those 3 days of cleanse.

Reintroduction phase – 3 days

 ·    Slow reintroduction of food not allowed during the main phase.

·     No meat, fish, eggs, diary, any processed or refined food. No coffee or black tea.

·     Advice on the next steps after the cleanse.


How does it work in practice?

First step: 

Book a free 30 min call to find out if this program is suitable for you, and to get your current health & well-being assessed. 

Second step

Purchase the Ayurvedic cleanse program and get familiar with the Cleanse Guidebook to learn all about the cleanse, Ayurvedic practices and start planning.

Third step: 

Have your  1 to 1 Ayurveda consultations, online. We will review your current health challenges, dosha imbalances and health goals. We will talk all about the cleanse, I will answer your questions and provide the emotional support you might need before proceeding with the cleanse. We will also make any changes in the program, necessary to address any issues that you are currently experiencing.

Fourth step

Get all the supplies needed like herbs, spices, moong dal and other cleansing food, Nasya oil or Sinus rinse, oil for massage, dry brush, and tongue scraper. Available to purchase online.

You will be able to continue using all of the products after the cleanse. You will start taking Ayurvedic herbal supplements during the main phase of the cleanse and continue taking them for at least 1 month or more.

Fifth step: 

Start your cleanse and receive daily support via email or Whats App.

Sixth step:  

Reflect and enjoy the positive outcomes of the cleanse on your body & mind.

Seventh step:

 Have a follow-up consultation to plan the next steps for your healing journey to maximize the effects of the cleanse.

 It is recommended 2 - 3 weeks after the cleanse.

What is included in Ayurveda cleanse program:

-        Ayurveda cleanse Guidebook with all the information needed.

-        List of products required for the cleanse.

-        Recipes for meals, herbal teas, and remedies.

-        Guidance on Ayurvedic lifestyle practices supporting detox like Garshana, Abhyanga, Nasya and more (prerecorded videos).

-       Additional resources supporting mental & emotional cleanse like prerecorded videos of Inner child Meditation, EFT tapping for  self - love and mantras. 

-        1 to 1, 90 min Ayurvedic consultation to assess your health challenge, walk you through the whole process, answer all your    questions and provide personalized advice (online) for each phase of the cleanse.

-        1 to 1, 60 min Ayurveda follow-up consultation, 2-3 weeks after the cleanse with advice & guidance on how to maximize the         benefits of cleanse.

-        Daily support via email or Whats App during the 9-day cleanse.

-        Lifetime access to all resources. Once you learn how to do Ayurvedic detox you can repeat it in the future on your own.

 Investment: €350

Enquire about the program via e-mail: contact@justynamichalow.ie 

or book a free 30 min consultation to begin the journey.