About Justyna

Justyna is a certified EFT & Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and Ayurveda health coach, educator & therapist. Member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) association for holistic medicine practitioners.

Justyna’s mission is to spread awareness about how unexpressed, blocked emotions and unprocessed trauma manifest as a physical or mental disease. She believes in the body-mind connection, and takes a holistic approach to help individuals to achieve balance, build resilience, reconnect with their inner wisdom and live more balanced and fulfilled life.

For most of her life, she ran away from herself and her emotions until she lost her husband to an incurable illness a few years ago. Even though it was the most painful experience Justyna has had in her life it led her to encounter a path of inner healing, personal growth, self-understanding, and acceptance. 

Now, she puts all of her heart into supporting those who suffer from chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. She also helps those individuals who have experienced loss or the end of a relationship to move through grief and trust life again.

Healing requires touching all aspects of life. That’s why she provides EFT sessions to release emotions, change limiting beliefs and heal relationships with self & others. Additionally, Justyna offers Ayurveda consultations to gently heal the body & mind using diet, nutrition, lifestyle changes, breathwork and herbs.

Justyna creates a safe space offering her empathy and believes that you are your own healer, she is here to meet you where you are, listen, guide you and help when you need it.

Professional Background

Ayurvedic therapies | practical course 70h in India - Ayuskama Ayurveda Institute

Matrix Reimprinting practitioner | Trained with Karl Dawson EFT Master and founder of MR | Accredited by EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Academy

EFT practitioner certification | Numen Poland

Level 2 Ayurveda therapist 300h | Ayuskama Ayurveda Institute India

Level 1 Ayurveda therapist 200h | Ayuskama Ayurveda Institute India

Diploma in Ayurveda 500h | Level 1 and 2 Ayurveda consultant | Agni Ayurveda Poland

BA Social Care providing Pedagogy| Jagiellonian University Poland

Why I Do What I Do

I am originally from Poland but I have been living in Ireland since 2013 and it feels like home here. I love spending my free time in nature, hiking, sitting on the grass, or walking in the parks. Ireland is a great place to do that, so abundant in beautiful nature.

It took me quite a long time until I found my true calling and before becoming a holistic therapist, I did various jobs but only now I feel truly content even though it is only the beginning of this journey.

My mission is to teach body-mind connection to develop deeper self-awareness and the ability to respond to symptoms before they turn into a disease.  I believe that emotional health is the key to our wellness and hiding our pain only prolongs our pain.

I am a young widow who lost her husband in her early thirties and this experience has been the most difficult yet most transformational for me.  It has been over 5 years since he died and now and I feel this painful experience was given to me to encourage me to find out who I really am, express myself, heal past traumas, and truly love myself, others, and my life.

On the way back to myself I found Yoga, Ayurveda, EFT and Energy Psychology which helped me to reconnect with my body, find peace in my grief, rediscover the joy, and live less in fear and more in trust. 

The experience of loss and grief manifested in my body with many symptoms like insomnia, panic attacks, digestive distress, bloating, chronic heartburn, frequent colds & flu. I also suffered from anxiety and depressive symptoms.  

While staying in India in 2019 I had my very first health consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor which has changed my whole perception of health and healing. He treated me as a whole and pointed toward my suppressed emotions as the root cause of my health issues. 

Since then I have entered the path of self-discovery and self-forgiveness toward reconnecting with my inner balance. After some time I realized that allowing myself to feel all the emotions and learning how to process them brings me closer to joy and people that accept me for who I really am. 

My Ayurvedic dosha is Pitta with strong Kapha.

Astrologically I am Cancer in Sun and Ascendent and Aries in Moon.

My dharma and purpose is to be the healer & nurturer.

Are you ready to transform your life by taking responsibility for your health & wellbeing? 

Book your 30 minutes free connection session to discuss your challenges & wellness goals, and how Justyna could guide your journey.