1 to 1 Ayurveda holistic health program

3 months or 6 months

Ayurveda is one of the oldest and time-tested medical systems that views each person as an individual with a unique body & mind constitution. It originates from India and it translates from Sanskrit as “the knowledge of life”. 

In essence, Ayurveda is all about natural healing, true connection with self and nature, inner balance, and living your dharma (purpose) providing joy and fulfillment. It offers a wealth of tools & practices to reverse health issues, but it also empowers everyone to experience long-term health and well-being through healthy, conscious choices.

Discover the path to holistic wellness and balance through a personalized Ayurveda mentoring program. Back to Balance is designed to guide you on a transformative journey that integrates ancient wisdom with modern times.

This is for you if you experience:

"Your body knows the song of healing. Your mind sometimes just forgets the words."   Sahara Rose

What to expect from our work together?

The focus of our sessions is to address your imbalances and establish health and true well-being. This incorporates all aspects of Ayurveda: diet & nutrition, lifestyle, herbs, self-care, movement, yoga and Ayurvedic therapies. You will learn simple but effective ways to restore a sense of balance in your body, mind, and soul.

My method is rooted in the ancient medicine system of Ayurveda from India. It is translated for modern times so that it is practical, easy, and feels good to implement. I also use some elements of coaching in my work so that you feel more empowered and decide what action you are ready for.

The structure of the programs:

Initially, I recommend that we have a Free 30min Connection Call. This gives me a chance to understand you, your goals and your health journey so far. Following this you may decide if you wish to work with me and which program suits your needs best.

Our work starts with the initial Ayurveda consultation exploring your current symptoms, medical/family history, diet & lifestyle patterns and health goals. We will also determine your Prakriti - body & mind constitution. 

After the initial consultation, you will receive a tailored Diet & Lifestyle plan based on your constitution (Prakriti) & Dosha imbalances (Vikriti) designed to guide you back to balance & harmony, achieve your desired health goals and empower you with self-care tools that will align you with Nature. 

We will work together on how you will integrate the recommendations and change or adjust them depending on the state of your health and life circumstances. This involves follow- up sessions, email support, additional resources and Ayurvedic cleanse (included in 6 month program). 

Some Benefits that you will experience along the journey:

Lower Stress and a greater sense of well-being

Stronger digestion, balanced elimination, and reduced menstrual cramps

Better Sleep and more energy

Stronger immunity & gut health

Fewer craving & improved relationship with food

Healthy digestion and reduced ama (toxins)

Improved mental clarity, restore a sense of calm and regulate your nervous system 

Feeling empowered and reconnected with the power of self-healing

Heightened self-awareness and a better understanding of yourself

Practical knowledge & tools for self-care and support for natural detoxification

What others are saying...:

Justyna is a an incredible facilitator and practitioner. I attended one of her workshops about Ayurveda and learnt so much from her. She has a wealth of knowledge about this ancient medical system and her own experience with it. She offers very practical tips on how to create balance using the Ayurvedic approach. Although Ayurveda is a very complex system, Justyna is able to simplify it and translate it into modern times. Her workshop really helped me understand more about myself from the perspective of Ayurveda and how I can support myself to maintain balance for my body, mind and spirit. She shares her knowledge and passion for this topic from a very authentic place transmitting kindness, compassion and wholeheartedness. Thank you Justyna!  Anna P.

I can definitely recommend Justyna as an Ayurveda practitioner. We've had a few sessions during which I felt safe, well supported and inspired. For some people (like me) it takes baby steps to introduce certain changes into their lives and Justyna was very well able to adapt to my pace and flexible enough to change the recommendations that didn't suit me. I have noticed my skin getting better since I followed Justyna's wellness plan(I suffer from rosacea and recommendations in relation to Pitta dosha decreased the inflammation). I'm also feeling less heat in my body which was unberable and I'm able to eat healthier without giving up on my favourite foods and drinking more water. I have also benefited from Justyna's recommendation to try EFT which is a great help when dealing with emotional issues and food cravings. Once I'm ready to take the next step I will definitely book the next appointment :) Magda K.

Very highly recommend working with Justyna. I had both Ayurveda and EFT sessions. I applied the suggestions to my diet and changed completely how I understood my diet/lifestyle. Simple changes and I saw the results straight away. Also EFT sessions with Justyna were very helpful. We have worked together and Justyna guides beautifully through the process. I felt safe and looked after. Definitely recommending!! Kate R.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have a couple of consultations with Justyna. Thanks to our sessions, I benefited from the advice and knowledge of an experienced Ayurveda consultant. During the consultations, Justyna is a very attentive listener and an excellent observer. The meetings allowed me to organize information about Ayurveda and implement important habits patiently, step by step. I immediately "connected" with the recommendations I received from Justyna. Every day since, I have felt the benefits of their effects. I believe that it is important to have such support not only at the beginning but also at every stage of the journey with Ayurveda. Thank you very much, Justyna, for our work together. Caroline P.



3- month Ayurveda mentoring program

Investment: €600

Payment in installments available.

6- month Ayurveda mentoring program & 9- day detox

Investment: €1150

Payment in installments available.

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