Ayurvedic treatments

Ayurvedic treatments offer a unique healing and relaxing experience for your body and mind.

Give yourself some quality time to unwind, slow down, nurture and rejuvenate.

In my practice, I offer various Ayurvedic therapies that bring relaxation and stress relief, support detoxification, promote healthy skin and hair, improve mental clarity, and sleep quality, reduce pain and enhance overall well-being.

I follow the traditional therapy guidelines and therefore please be aware of the following restrictions:
No treatments during menstruation, or when experiencing a fever, indigestion, diarrhoea, vomiting. No treatment when suffering from a cold, flu or covid. Please inform me about pregnancy, injury or anything else I need to know in advance.

It is recommended to book a a free discovery call before coming for any Ayurvedic treatment to briefly discuss your health concerns and see which treatment would be most suitable to meet your needs.

The following treatments are available in the Sanctuary treatment room, Stanhope St, Dublin 7, D07 H290 or in the Insight Matters, 106 Capel St, Dublin 1. 

To enquire and book your consultation or treatment please email: contact@justynamichalow.ie

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Nasya - nasal treatment with medicated oil - 45min/ €65 

Recommended 7 treatments to maximise benefits of Nasya 

It relieves:

Sinusitis, mucus congestion, headaches, insomnia, snoring, allergies, survical pain (neck pain), over-sleepiness and dullness of the mind, stress & anxiety, panic attacks, Vata aggravation.

Nasya treatment starts with a relaxing face massage with oil followed by a herbal steam. Then medicated drops are inserted into both nostrils.

This treatment cleanses the sinuses and nourishes the nerves in the head area. Different Ayurvedic oils are used depending on your needs and dosha aggravation.

Karna Purana ear treatment with warm oil – 45min/ €65

Recommended at least 3 treatments to maximise benefits of the treatment  

It relieves:

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), vertigo, anxiety, stress, jaw tension & pain, locked jaw, neck pain, insomnia, headaches, ear pain after flying, dryness of ear.

Karna Purana treatment starts with the ear massage and side of the face using warm oil followed by dry heat application. Then warm oil is administered into each ear for about 10 minutes. The oil chosen for the treatment depends on your body & mind constitution and your needs.

This treatment supports overall ear health by offering moisture, warmth & nourishment to the ears. The ear is the seat of Vata dosha - bio-energy in the body responsible for nervous system and mental balance. Massaging the ear and applying warm oil relaxes, calms the mind and soothe nervous system.

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Shiroabhyanga - head, neck & shoulder massage – 30min/€50 or 45min/€60

It relieves:

Stress & anxiety, headaches and migraines, neck and shoulder pain, insomnia, fatigue, hair and scalp issues.

This treatment involves head, neck & shoulder massage and gentle pressure of “marmas” or energy points to increase the flow of the energy in the body (prana). Warm and Ayurvedic oils appropriate to your body type are used. This is an excellent therapy to calm the mind, soothe the nervous system, improve blood circulation but also to strengthen and nourish the hair.

Marma facial massage30 min/ €50

Marma points are vital energy points in the body and each of them corresponds to specific organs, tissues, emotions and physiological functions. Gentle pressure and massage increase the flow of energy and promotes wellness of body and mind.

Traditionally Kumkumadi (Saffron) oil is used however in some cases other oil can be recommended.


Nourishes facial muscles, reduces facial tension and relaxes the mind, tones and tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and signs of aging, improves blood circulation, reduces headaches and migraines, reduces jaw tension, improves mood, energy levels and relaxation.

External vasti – 50min/ €75 

It is an oil treatment that uses a dough ring to hold warm, medicated oil or ghee on the affected area to relieve pain. It is combined with a local abhyanga – Ayurvedic oil massage.

This treatment is effective to relieve pain, treat old injury and nourish a specific area to heal.

The following Vasti treatments are available:

 Kati Vasti – low back treatment

 It relieves low back pain due to degeneration, slipped disc, sciatica or chronic injuries.

Janu Vasti – knee treatment

It relieves pain due to degeneration, osteoarthritis, and chronic injuries.

Uro Vasti – chest treatment

It reduces breathlessness, stress, panic attacks, tachycardia, palpitations, and emotional blockages. It nourishes the heart chakra and supports emotional expression.

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